FREE GUIDE: 5 Powerful Hacks to Enhance Your Weight Loss

By Coach Randy Pipes |

It's a certainty, that if you want to lose unwanted fat, you'll need resilience, endurance and patience. Your journey will require intentionality over time, and your commitment to your goals will be tested. 

High-level motivation is essential, especially on tough days when your weight loss goals seem out of reach, or it seems just too hard to keep the promises you made to yourselves and others. 

In this short article, we have included five powerful hacks to help you stay motivated as you focus on getting results you desire.


“Shed Unwanted Belly Fat by Eating Sugar, Carbs and Fat the Right Way!”

Use these hacks to maintain your motivation through your weight loss journey:

  1. Place your favorite inspirational quotes on your mirror or refrigerator.
  2. A quick pick-me-up can save the day when your motivation is waning. It can also be an effective way to start your day. Tape a few quotes to the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or other spot where you look often.

    This simple practice can save you from a dietary train wreck. 

  3. Use photos and other visual cues, like a "weight-loss jar" as inspirational reminders.
  4. Keeping written records, like a weight loss journal, is a recommended practice. Sometimes it's difficult to appreciate what a 2-pound loss looked or felt like.

    Adding photos, with details about your thoughts and feelings when they were taken, can be a powerful and positive emotional trigger. When you review your journal, they will serve as "before" and "after" testimonials. 

    For an additional step, fill a glass jar with decorative stones or marbles. Each one is equivalent to a pound you wish to lose. As you lose weight, move your marker from the full jar to an empty one.

    It's exciting to watch the contents of one jar shrink while the other increases.

  5. Find a workout or weight loss buddy.
  6. Losing weight can be a lonely process. Considering the obesity rates in the US, there are plenty of others in the same situation.

    Find a buddy with whom you can communicate on a regular basis. Ideally, you can also find someone to join you for workouts or runs.

  7. Get new workout gear.
  8. Some new workout clothes and shoes can inspire action. If your workouts are lagging, a new outfit might be just what you need to motivate you to go for an extra run or exercise. Use these purchases as rewards for reaching certain milestones on your journey. 


    “Shed Unwanted Belly Fat by Eating Sugar, Carbs and Fat the Right Way!”

  9. List your reasons for losing weight.
  10. Perhaps this hack should have been #1. After a few weeks of dieting, it's typical to lose track of your original motivation. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. No idea is too small or petty, as long as it's true.

    Do you want to look better? Enhance your health? Fit into your old jeans? Be as specific as possible and tap into as much emotion as possible. For example, you may want to lose weight to look your best for that upcoming reunion. Or you might want to be alive and healthy when it comes time to participate in your child's wedding. 

    Write these things down and review your list regularly.

    And here is one extra tip:

    Strive for daily progress.

    Quite a few people are thinking about the big goal that they have - things like losing 25 pounds, 30 pounds or more. That can actually be self-defeating and anti-productive.

    Instead, focus on small, tiny improvements on a daily basis. That’s what will get you to your goal.

Final thoughts.

Losing weight shouldn't be seen as an event, but a process, requiring slow and consistent improvement. Motivation is personal. What works for others might require a little tweaking to be effective for you.

Stay focused on all the great progress you're making and continue looking forward. A small amount of attention and motivation each day can keep your spirits and expectations high.


“Shed Unwanted Belly Fat by Eating Sugar, Carbs and Fat the Right Way!”